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After TKR, is walking "fluid" again?

I am having a TKR next January/February. Right now the pain is worst during the night, waking me at least once each night. But what bothers me the most is the stiff, unnatural way I have to walk. I can't step down normally. I feel like I sort of walk like Lurch.

After a TKR, does walking become natural and fluid again? Aside from the scar, is it possible others would not know I'd had this surgery from the way I walk?

I know several folks who have had the surgery, and to me they will walk like their knees are still a weak spot. I am hoping that if I work hard and do the right rehab work, I'll have better results. They are happy in terms of being pain free and having better mobility. But I guess I'm hoping for natural, and I wouldn't say I see that in them.

Does the unit that is used have any bearing on this?

What do you think?

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