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Re: What Medicine has Worked for you for OCD

I have had OCD for years and I have been on so many different medications!

I will name a few and how they made me feel.

Prozac - made me feel like I was always in a daze and very tired, didn't really help my OCD much.

Zoloft - didn't help much with my OCD, but was only on it for a short while.

Lexapro - worked very well, but made me gain a lot of weight!!!

Luvox CR - Worked GREAT, but is extremely expensive if you do not have insurance

Celexa - this is what I am currently taking and it works pretty well

Abilify - I am also currently taking this with the Celexa. It is supposed to make any meds you're taking stronger. Works very well

I hope I have been of some help, I know how hard having OCD can be... but believe me the medication makes it a lot more bearable!