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under standing blood reasults

Hi i had for 2 years now very high Haemoglobin (polycythaemia) my last one 3 months ago of 171 g/L also High Haematocrit 0.50 Ratio also High WBC 14.6x10(9)/L also Neutrophils 10.0x10(9)/L and Lymphocytes 3.6x10(9)/L was going to see a blood specialist but trying to give up smoking. Just had tests again Haemoglobin dropped to 146 and Haematocrit now 0.44 Platelets increased to 248 was 238 last time WBC 12.7 Neutrophils 7.7 and Lymphocytes increased to 3.8 also increase in Eosinophils 0.25 was 3 months ago 0.10. Should i still see a blood specialist?? 10 years ago had cervical cancer of cin 3 as a result had a hysterrectomy so alittle worried bout the changes in the blood tests!!

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