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Daughter has severe back and neck pain and more.

My daughter is 18 and has been in chronic pain for the last 4 years, following a soccer collision that left her with an L5 fracture on the right side and pars defect, which could have been there since birth... we don't know exactly. The pain has gotten progressively worse but she was still able to play soccer. In the last year though she has had nerve pain down both legs that has kept her from running or playing. She feels it even walking up and down stairs. Additionally, through xrays we have learned that she has a 20% curvature to her spine (borderline scoliosis) as well as bulging discs and an L5 vertebrae that has slipped backwards.

We have also noticed other things... many of which could be caused by a diet high in processed foods. We have tried to steer her to the fridge instead of the pantry but she loves carbs and sweets, particularly chocolate and hates fruit. She is a big meat eater but doesn't really like fish other than fish sticks. I can also get her to eat raw carrots and salad (sometimes broccoli), and she will drink milk,lemonade and sometimes OJ (no other fruit juice). She loves soda but I won't buy those. I've noticed that she is chronically fatigued and has lost interest in everything. Headaches are frequent. She complains of a messed up rib (it is indented) and a shoulder that constantly pops. Her lower back is in a great deal of pain but so is the upper back as well. It hurts to bend backward and it also hurts her to sit up with proper posture or stand for more than a few minutes. Recently she has felt like she is in a fog and has started transposing letters when she types, as if she has acquired dyslexia.

I am googling like crazy and have come up with many possible underlying factors. It seems like she may have anything from low estrogen (long intervals between periods) to low magnesium to neuropathy to fibromyalgia. IDK. We have been to physiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists. No one has been able to untangle this web. The physiatrist has ordered a bone density test to determine if the fracture and pars defect are still causing any pain. If not, then she will get an epidural to try to eliminate the nerve pain. Once that is done, they will give her injections to help manage the back pain. in addition, I have recently purchased an inversion table and she is getting a small bit of comfort from using that daily. We are also starting to do yoga for scoliosis. Hoping that helps a little.

I am at my wits end, trying to identify an underlying problem that can be the cause of so many other symptoms. I hate seeing my daughter in pain. Please help if you can.

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