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sounds and feels like air is escaping from my ear after I use my voice.

for the past month or so my left ear has been ringing much more loudly than usual. it feels quieter also, almost "full" so to speak. i've noticed that when i speak a word or a sentence, the pause that follows initiates what feels and sounds like a rumbling rush of air escaping from my left ear, and this is by far my most debilitating symptom. it makes me feel disoriented and almost dizzy after it happens, and as a result, conversation has become quite tedious. i also experience loud clicks in my ear after i speak and after hearing loud noises. i've considered that it could be TMJ, but it has nothing to do with movement of my jaw, and only seems to come about when i make noise or i hear sharp loud noises externally.

the strangest part about this is that it usually doesn't happen while there are noises in the background like music, white noise, crowds, etc. only when it's quiet. but there are exceptions, and i have heard it while there was background noise before.

about a week ago today i went to a doctor about it. he checked my ears and told me my ear was infected. he gave me anti-biotics and anti-inflammatorys, which i've been taking on schedule every day, but none of my symptoms have improved, not even a little bit. in fact they seem to be getting worse, but perhaps that's just because i'm focusing on them and testing them out all the time. i have a follow up appointment for my infection in another 8 days, so hopefully i can get some answers.

does anyone have any opinions or advice?

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