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I guess it's all in my head

I had my baby in 2010 and lost 25 pounds of the 40 I gained during pregnancy, then my day to day health total changed. I gained weight, diets wouldn't work, I have no energy to the point of feeling as if I had taken sleeping pills. I go to bed as early as 7:30pm some nights. I lack motivation like I'm depressed. I have sudden excessive hunger, if I don't eat something instantly then I will vomit and shake. My hands, feet and nose are icy at all times. I keep the ac vent shut off in my office and run the heater when I get too cold at work. Also, I began having horrible sinus issues and chronic bronchitis. My general practitioner decided I have asthma, no history of that anywhere in my family and she never did a lung blow test or whatever they are. When I wake up my eyes are dried shut and I have to have drops just to be able to blink. I take allegra everyday, it doesn't help but my husband thought maybe that was the cause of the weight gain so I stopped taking it and no change. I had my allergies tested and dust mites came back so I have encased all mattresses, pillows ect, we dust weekly, I have a air purifier, we use the best ac filters and change them monthly. Still no relief to any of it and this past month I gained 7 pounds for no reason.

I was telling my mom and she told me she's been on armour since feb for significant hypothyroidism. So I asked my general practitioner to run the tests and to be sure to include the free T3 and free T4. She said sure no problem! My results are below..... are these even the right tests? She said I was perfectly normal. I've scheduled a 2nd opinion and more tests with my mom's doctor (mom loves her and feels she is a very competent thyroid dr), perhaps I should have done that from the get go, but it's all the way across town (being houston that's a ways). I don't have that appt till 10/30/12, they are a bit busy. Otherwise I'm just going to resign myself to accepting the asthma diagnosis and start full treatment for that and see about getting some diet pills to maybe help jumpstart yet another diet and hopefully help with the hunger/appetite problem. Thanks in advance! I'm at my wits end!

Name Value Reference Range

T3 UPTAKE : 28 : 22-35 %

T4 (THYROXINE), TOTAL : 7.1 : 4.5-12.0 mcg/dL

FREE T4 INDEX (T7) : 2.0 : 1.4-3.8

TSH : 2.16 mIU/L

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