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Re: scrapping or cutting

I think my gut reaction would be to have it cut out. But then, I had melanoma and I just wanted the best possible approach to getting that out of me!

Scrapping, which is done for Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinomas, is done by literally scrapping the growth (tumor) away with a curette - a long spoon-shaped instrument. Then the doctor uses a mild eletrical current to - in effect - cauterize the wound so no stitches are needed. This is typically done if tumor is very small and not in area where recurrence might be a problem (face, lower arms, etc). It can be simple and effective.

If the doctor cuts out the tumor, s/he usually also takes some surrounding tissue as well. If the tumor is very small, then not much will be needed. Mostly likely, you will need a stitch or two or three, which might prove an annoyance.

It really depends on the size and location. This is your decision and whatever you feel comfortable with in regards to your body.

Good luck!

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