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Dizziness while driving

I've tried searching around, as I've tried to find someone with similar symptoms, but I didn't have much luck, so I thought I would post my symptoms in the hopes that this message board could give me some encouragement.

Almost nine months ago I experienced a major attack at a sporting event, almost passed out and felt the stadium was moving. I thought perhaps I had just locked my knees and shook off my symptoms as being of my own accord. On the ride home I had to turn over the driving to other passengers, because I felt dizzy and like was going to pass out driving the vehicle. These symptoms persisted severely for a couple of weeks, driving on the highway caused me to pull over etc. Eventually these symptoms started to improve, to the point where i could drive at highway speed with only a faint feeling in the back of my head.

That was pretty much the status quo until about three months ago, when I experience a severe attack, where I couldn't turn my head to either side without becoming dizzy. I saw the doctor, had a CT scan and was diagnosed by my audiologist with VN. I've been doing the VRT exercises and feel my general everyday activities improving, however driving is still a problem. Somedays I can drive no problem and other days I seem to really struggle, with a faint feeling of movement, light-headedness and almost a "highway hypnosis" feeling while driving at high speed. Any suggestions?

I'm off to see an ENT and potentially an neurotologist next...

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