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Re: Help!!! Cause of Bad Breath?

Ok Sylvia I understand now, you are a teen, my grandson is a teen (16) but U r older he does suffer from bad breath for quite some time now,he goes to the dentist regularly has good checkups, he has a girlfriend, I told him what I did in the past when my teeth and gums were in good shape/ The cinnamon mints ULTRA BURST, CLOSEUP tooth paste, always have water on you keeping your mouth moist along with floss (that's key) you must make this a habit right after you eat! I cant stress this enuf. The bacteria left behind after u eat multiplies so fast, so floss, then drink your water, then stick a piece of ur sugarless cinnamon gum in. He does this and he notices the difference! and so does his girlfriend!!! His father has the same problem, it may be hereditary. My daughter does not have this problem. She is just 34. So, if you have to, start a savings account just for your teeth, they are very precious AND vital to your overall health. I'll talk to my grandson and get an update to see how his breath is doing Lol and get back with you Sylvia