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Re: Costochondritis help... how long till I can go back to work?

Originally Posted by SweetPeainSF View Post
I didn't take any time off from work, but my costo pain was totally limited to my chest area. I get flares from driving too far, because of holding my hands forward. Is there any light duty work you can do?

Once other problems are ruled out, you might think about physical therapy. I had the most luck with physio tape. The PT taped me twice; then I went and bought the tape myself.
Hi SweetPea,
This is strange. I was just at the gym and felt some costo pain that I've had for over a year and figured I'd check Healthboards too see if there is any treatment that I haven't done yet, and there YOU are. We seem to have very similar issues. I have costo too, for about a year or a little longer.

When I first felt mine, I thought it was a heart attack, bad sharp pain when getting out of bed, but then after analyzing it, I realized the pain seem more superficial and figured it probably wasn't a heart attack. A couple days later, went to the doc and pretty much said it was costo.

Haven't found any quick cures, just trying to avoid things that flare it.