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Trying to determine the cause...

Hello fellow tmj sufferers,

I am really trying to figure out what the cause of my tmj pain is. If I can't figure out the cause then I may pick the wrong treatment.

I am leaning towards the problem being a bite misalignment due to the fact I was hit in the face and my right disc was injured. My lower jaw and teeth have slid to the right, and when I look at the center of my teeth..the line in the middle of the front two teeth on top and on bottom are not even..the bottom middle line is about a half inch to the right. I hope that makes sense to everyone. My bottom teeth also slant, the right side is higher than the left side. Its almost like my bad right disc is pulling my right side up to the right and back into the joint space.

Here is the issue, the couple of doctors I have seen seem to believe it is a clenching issue. I just can't figure out if clenching is part of my problem. I try to pay attention when I wake up but it is difficult. One thing I have noticed that is odd is that I keep having dreams of either my teeth all falling out or breaking braces and or retainers and having all of the metal break off in my mouth. I feel like this could be my body telling me I am clenching in my sleep.
Do any of you have these dreams?

I feel best in the morning, and as the day goes on my jaw becomes more and more sore. The left side of my neck gets so tight and I can feel all of those muscles pulling down on my jaw.

My muscle tightness in my neck also switches sides depending on how much exertion I use with that arm. For instance if I do too much repetitive motion with my right arm the next day the neck tightness will shift to that side and that side of my jaw will ache. This makes no sense and is driving me absolutely crazy. I guess atleast I can choose which side I want to ache the next day. lol

So what do I do? Do I get a repositioning splint that doesn't do much for clenching or do I try to focus on keeping my back teeth apart and address the clenching. I am just not sure at all where to go from here, and do NOT at all trust these so called "tmj doctors"

I would love some thoughts...any thoughts.


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