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Re: Peripheral Neuropathy

Hi MD, No I don't sleep and haven't forever. My hip is ready for replacement so that doesn't help. Fortunately I don't go out to work anymore so I can rest. I'm learning to do things in shorter periods and then resting. I used to work in an office and finally had to quit. I am lucky to have a very loving and supportive hubby. I think MS is hard to diagnose and I have had MRI s that say I don 't have it but I still worry all these unanswered questions mean I will someday. I see a Neurologist this week and I plan to ask more questions since the Peripheral Neuropathy has gotten so much worse in such a short time. I feel really upset that my life is all about my health. The first 50 years of my life were all about emotional pain and now it seems to be about physical. I do admit feeling a little sorry for myself at times but I keep plugging away. I too do a lot of research I just try to keep informed. My doctor works with me and is ok with me being knowledgeable. It is my body after all. Just feels like someone put a hex on me lately. It's nice to chat with people that understand. Everyone just smiles and says well you look great. Don't we wear masks and who ever sees us when we can't get off the couch. Anyways is the MS diagnosis from a Neurologist or GP and what tests did you have? Take care. Heather

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