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Re: Is my five year old autistic?

It sounds like he has the behavior of someone who is Autistic. We are going through a similar situation with our son. The assessment process is extremely expensive. I don't know if you feel that maybe he will make improvements on his own? I know we feel that way. Not sure if we want to label him. It's the whole risk vs. reward. Just a question, does anyone in your family on the Autism Spectrum? My son is possibly an Aspie. I read a book by the author, Jim Atwood. As I was reading I realized that I possibly have Asperger's. If someone is, or possibly is in your son's family, that would definitely increase the likelihood of Autism. I was doing my own research and found a lot of information on eye tracking for diagnosing Autism. It is ONE of the methods they are using to test younger children. It may be a easier way to get more information before the huge assessment process. Anyway, I wish you the best with your son.

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