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Re: Help!!! Cause of Bad Breath?

Hello everybody and thank you for your kind replies.

I brush my tongue everytime I brush my teeth (twice/3 times a day) and generally my tongue is pink with a little white towards the back. I also floss before bed. It could be digestive/stomach related because my mouth does tend to dry up, especially when I'm hungry.

I do have weird tonsils (they have craters and holes in them) and sometimes in these holes I can see a bit of white stuff. I pick them out from time to time but they're not hard (like the name tonsil STONES may suggest), but they do kind of smell. Not awful, just not nice. I was aware of this and I try pick them out whenever I notice them so that they don't build up. It's also painful to pick them out because I have to stretch the skin around the tonsils to make the hole bigger so I can reach them. I can generally only see really really small amounts of this stuff and I pick them out whenever.

Could there be more of this but I just can't see them (like hidden somehow/where)? If so could you suggest some ways to clean my tonsils.