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Re: Trying to determine the cause...

Hi weird I had those dreams too, dreaming that all my teeth were splintering and falling out. I was also waking up with the taste of blood in my mouth fom all the intense griding/clenching action which was rocking the teeth in the gums and I guess causing bleeding.

Sounds like you have a crossbite if your lower midline is so off to one side and a cant to the occlusal plane. The doctors who say its a clenching issue have cause and effect mixed up, the clenching is your bodies way to attempt to even out the misaligned bite, I say this because once my mandible was repositioned with an appliance I stopped the grinding, my teeth no longer hurt every morning when I woke up. You need orthodontics to correct your issues and give you a level balanced bite, the guys who know their stuff are called functional jaw orthodontist, i.e. not looking at the teeth in isolation but in how the bite interacts with healthy jaw/muscle function