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Re: Trying to determine the cause...

Hi Pipdog,

I'm so happy you responded. It is great to hear other's thoughts on my issues. I feel like you are on the right track as to what is happening. I guess my question is would a bite splint be able to correct the cant and the crossbite? I have already had braces before my injury, and can't imagine having them again with how painful my jaw already feels. Have you had braces or just a splint?

I would be interested to hear about your story and what symptoms you were having, and also what treatment worked for you. I am also considering going to see a myofacial release therapist to see if I can get my muscles more relaxed. The entire left side of my neck feels tight and rock hard. I also have issues with the muscles irritating my occipital nerves which is so unbelievably painful.

Did your symptoms switch sides? I have read many posts on these boards and that issue doesn't seem to come up very often. It seems most people just have issues on one side.. boy I wish!

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