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Swelling normal after inguinal hernia repair?

Hi everyone. I've had some other posts about other questions related to hernia repairs, but this one has to do with lower abdominal swelling/bloating. I seem to get puffy in this area fairly easily. I'll do well not getting this for some time, then it'll become a regular issue for a while, then maybe go away for a while, etc. I thought it could be a diet issue and tried elimination diets and currently am eating gluten-free and try to not eat a lot of carbs. I do notice that the swelling can be more with fruits and vegetables, but the same occurs even from just drinking water. I try to not drink anything really fast because my bladder can't seem to hold much at a time and then I become swollen from that too. I'm not sure if it could be a diet issue or some kind of bladder problem... but could this be related to my hernia repairs?

I had a double inguinal hernia repair at the end of 2009. No mesh or plugs were used and they repaired it with the traditional method. Things went pretty smoothly. When I feel swollen, sometimes there is a reason (full bladder) and other times not. Sometimes I feel like if this happens with my bladder, it doesn't fully go back down. The muscles feel like they are being pushed at and feel weak, like they can't support my insides. I try to be active and love to work out, but it gets uncomfortable when this is going on. It feels better to relax my abs as much as possible and not suck it in... hurts much more and feels strained if I try to suck it in. I get some relief to wear supportive clothing. When I'm undressed it tends to feel worse.

Do any of you think this could be related to my hernia repairs? Will this probably be permanent if that's the case? I'm trying changing some more of my diet first... but if all stays the same, I may request an ultrasound or something. I may ask about possibly bladder issues too if that sounds like a possibility. FYI - I have had some issues around the scar tissue. New pains started coming up after I woke up in the middle of the night having to pee really bad. The swelling from the area seemed to irritate the scar tissue. Thankfully I see no new bulge or sign of hernia recurrence. I just don't want to do anything that would make this happen... and of course keep the pains tolerable!

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