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Re: stopping Zoloft; sex drive, emotional

I have been off of zoloft for about a year now. I hardly remember the feeling of being on anti depressants. Probably because they made me feel distant from myself. But what I do remember is coming off of them.
Much like your post, the reason I wanted to stop taking them is because I felt embarrassed at the time for having to take a pill everyday just to cope with my life. I would take them at night when everyone was asleep so I didn't have to look my family in the eye. After being off them for so long I feel silly now for thinking a pill would change the way my family and friends think of me. I've stopped feeling weak about taking them because I realized that everyone goes through hard time in there life but taking a stand is where real strength shows. It doesn't matter if its a pill, a change in eating, or just setting a new goal for the day.
When I decided to quit. I just stopped. I didn't slowly take myself off them. I threw out all the pills and stopped calling my doctor. It was difficult for a while I had to adjust to the emotions that all came flooding back to me at once. But after being happy for so long on the pills it was easier to find comfort even without them.
I did have the same problem as you though. I cried at almost every thing I heard. Especially during movies. (Something sad always has to happen in a movie...) little things would set it off. But sometimes its good to just cry and get It all out. For me I just used it as a part of the healing process. The hardest thing overall for me to adjust to was my lack of interest in sex.. (difficult for an 18 year old girl) but in time even that passed.

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