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Re: Am I Crazy? Why I am so mean to my kids?

Wow, girl, I know exactly how you feel.

GET HELP. Talk to your doctor and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist, who can help you understand and who can also prescribe the right meds for your issues.

Your husband might be a nice guy but he is a lousy dad if he lets you abuse your kids that way. He needs to step up, help you out, help them out. Just sitting there telling you you'll be sorry is BS. You're already sorry you're doing it. You need help and guidance and willpower.

I had very similar issues when my daughter was young and I would fly into rages over stupid things. I never hurt her physically and I never said mean things to her, but I'm sure my behavior was frightening. I was later diagnosed a likely bipolar. You may have a disorder and you may only need anger management and guidance.

GET HELP. Your kids deserve better, and so do you.