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Re: Help!!! Cause of Bad Breath?

It's because you have tonsils. I wouldnt try to pick them out, you wouldnt want to make a tear in ur tongue and risk infection with the bacteria. I remember coughing them up. Do you go to the Dentist? If you dont, U should go, if U cant afford it, then go to social services and see if you might qualify for dental insurance, I think up until ur 20, but give them a call at least or U could go online to see if U qualify. I had my tonsils removed, so I never had to deal with those stones anymore. I remember them though, I squished one in my hand and then smelled it and it smelled like bad breath, I said ewww Lol and washed my hands. I never even told anyone about that until now ha ha Ur special I just shared that with you!