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Rape or just stupidity?

A few nights ago, I was partying with my friends at my university. I went passed my limit of drinking and my friend brought me to this guy's house because he was nice. I was really out of it and we all went into his room - my two friends and I. They were all talking and I sat on his bed to rest because I didn't feel well. I guess I fell asleep for only like 10 minutes because I awoke and the guy told me to move up to his pillow. He also told me that my friends had to go see if their ride was here. It's hard to remember this all clearly.. Anyways, we started making out and I told him specifically that I didn't want to have sex. (I was a virgin at the time but he didn't know) I'm sure I told him twice that I didn't want to and he said, "Okay, we'll just have some fun." I was still really out of it and I kept falling in and out of conciousness. I remember asking if he had a condom, not because I wanted sex but because I was scared about what could happen. He said he did and I reminded him that I didn't want sex. I then felt pain and I didn't know what was happening until I realized that he just had sex with me. I had no idea. I felt so dirty and violated. I told my best friend and she thinks it's rape but I don't know if I feel the same way. I mainly just feel like a stupid, idiotic girl who lost her virginity in a terrible way.

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