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Re: TMJ is hard but there is hope.

Yes I'm in phase 2 and I'm doing pretty good. The bite is still a work in progress so there are some issues like sore temporalis and slight tinnnitus but compared to how I was huge improvements. I saw a NUCCA at one point and was adjusted. Before my posture was all out of balance, now its much better, standing taller, shoulders level, no forward head posture. I dont know if this is attributable to the NUCCA or the ALF treatment to widen my jaws and relase the cranial strains - doesn't actually matter at the end of the day though

Thats great that the grating sound went so quickly - sounds like the splint managed to get you disc back into position and you were treated pretty early on.

Having been through the whole experience I believe that while spints are helpful there may also be a structural problem in the way the upper dental arch is developed that is a major contributing factor to the TMJ pathology and this can only be corrected with orthodontics. Its stating the obvious but only the lower jaw moves so it has to go where the upper says, like a master / slave relationship and if the upper jaw is too small then the lower will be forced backwards which can be very damaging to the TMJ area.

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