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Re: Trying to determine the cause...

Good Morning Pipdog,

It is amazing to hear how many things they can do with bite plates. I didn't know it was possible to adjust the cant. Is that what an aqualizer is designed to do? I read about it and it uses water to level out the bite. Maybe you have heard of it?

It sounds like you have/had a very extensive problem with your jaw. I am very sorry to hear that. It seems many people undergo orthodontics and then later develop all of these jaw problems. I was fortunate and had a wonderful orthodontist who did a great job and gave me a beautiful smile. Too bad I got injured and ruined it. haha

I have a rather different question to ask you. It has been bugging me for quite some time now and I have been doing research to try and find out why this seems to be different from the classic tmj cases. My jaw has never popped when I open my jaw wide..straight up and straight down and when I chew and so forth. I can't open my mouth very wide but that is because of the muscle tightness. I can only pop my jaw in and out of place from moving my jaw sideways. Isn't that crazy? It simply just does not pop when I open my mouth to talk or chew or yawn. I know how to pop it in and out as I used to pop it all the time before I became symptomatic as it felt good to do. Now I have trained myself to not pop it in that manner, but I can't figure out why everyone else's pops when they open too far and mine only pops when I move it a certain way to the side. NoOne has an answer so I thought possibly you may have an idea. If not, that is ok I will just have to keep asking dentists and doctors about it lol.

It sounds as if for the most part your headaches have subsided, is that the case? I sure hope so! Have you tried any other treatments possibly prior to starting with your current dentist? I am trying to make a list of other treatments that I could try that are conservative that have helped other tmj sufferers with some of their never ending symptoms.

I hope I have not asked you too many questions. Have a WONDERFUL day Pipdog, and thank you again for being so helpful and kind to me.


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