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Re: Possible inner ear disorder?

Originally Posted by boic View Post
Hi Mx740

Im guessing that it could affect it.. but it doesnt always have to present itself at the time of an examination for some strange reason.. All you can do is try to get some relaxation into your life, and follow what your doctor is saying for now. If you have any sinus issues, I would also see to trying to treat them too, as they can be sort of "hidden". Im no expert in this though, I just research into things like this a lot. Sometimes even anxiety can be hidden, and can completely make it worse in terms of vertigo. It's crazy the amount that anxiety can do alone.

Well the truth is that I went for two vng tests. The first revealed a sixty plus weakness to my right ear but doc said impossible so I went for another round. Somehow it was perfectly, perfectly normal, only a two percent. Plus dixhallpike and other vertigo tests are all negative. Now Im left with a swaying falling type of sensation while sitting still. It is relieved when I'm in physical motion or resting my head on something solid. Occasionally I have the tight throat fainty wooziness, unreal feeling and my eyes are out of focus. I had a MRI with contrast done and it was negative. Sigh I'm only sixteen. Why me....