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Re: Possible inner ear disorder?

Originally Posted by mx740 View Post
Well the truth is that I went for two vng tests. The first revealed a sixty plus weakness to my right ear but doc said impossible so I went for another round. Somehow it was perfectly, perfectly normal, only a two percent. Plus dixhallpike and other vertigo tests are all negative. Now Im left with a swaying falling type of sensation while sitting still. It is relieved when I'm in physical motion or resting my head on something solid. Occasionally I have the tight throat fainty wooziness, unreal feeling and my eyes are out of focus. I had a MRI with contrast done and it was negative. Sigh I'm only sixteen. Why me....
To me.. that really does sound like anxiety. I have the exact same thing going on.. the tightness around the neck and the woozy. Unreal feeling.. eyes out of focus.. also the light seems to dim slightly at times. Dix hallpike and the other examinations can give negative results even though the conditions are there.. to me that is all to do with the compensation process happening at specific times. If one day the reading of the VNG test was 60+ weakness in the ear, and the next it showed quite a normal reading with only slightly raised numbers.. perhaps the compensation process blocked the signals from the ear when you were having the test. The tightness around the neck feels like at times as if it restricts the flow of blood to the head.. making you feel light headed almost. That's just anxiety.. when you feel calmer... that feeling goes down a lot. The other thing I could say is that the infections either came from your throat.. or went to it. The unreal feeling is something known as "Derealization" and its when the body is reacting to anxiety. This can also create further anxiety.. and cause something called "depersonalization" and then finally a panic attack. That anxiety comes as a result of the ear infection damage. It's also possible your doctor got it wrong, or misinterpreted the result, because we all have similar bodies.. but we're not all the same either. The only other thing I can say to look at is your diet.. in a lot of cases.. nearly all medical cases in fact.. are in some way related to diet.. or can be treated with diet. Food can be a good source of medicine. Perhaps you could ask your parent if they could make you some soups, as that helps boost the immune system and the overall energy level of your body.

Im only 23 myself... and I know what it feels like having to deal with this at a young age. You're not alone though! I can understand where you're coming from with it. I also feel like Im moving about when Im sat still.. sometimes even feel like Im being pushed to one side. It's scary. Did you have any sort of cold/flu or head injury before you got this?