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Re: Peripheral Neuropathy

Hi Heather.... so far my diagnosis is from my GP he is sending me to a neurologist, just waiting and waiting LOL UGGHHHH anyway the test so far are MRI of brain-2 lesions, Cat Scan, X-rays, blood work, MRI of spine, also an EMG, which showed no reflexes in left foot, he neurologist who did the EMG diagnosed me with Peripheral and the neurologist who did the Nerve Conductivity test diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia..... LOL Did you have your apt with the neurologist this week?? What did he say?? Hope all went well. Are you on anything for pain, what works and what doesnt?? Seems like everything I try does not work. Like the other message said pain management clinic.. but we do not have a pain clinic hear.. so I am SOL...

Take care Heather