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Re: confused and no dx.

Peggys61, everything about autoimmune illness is frustrating in my humble opinion. I too, have been having tests for 2 years now and whatever it is that is making my CPK level and liver enzymes elevated escapes a conclusive diagnosis. I just recently had my 2nd abnormal emg, body extremity ultrasound, result - synovial lining in my toes are thickened but no erosion yet. RF was negative but CCP was weak positive. This hints to and doc's nurse intimated that it is Rheumatoid Arthritis. I do have an ongoing case of Raynauds in my feet and that keeps the tests coming. I have a muscle biopsy scheduled for Oct. 2nd. I'm just praying for some conclusive result so I can move on with living and not trying to maintain my sanity.

I hope that it turns out to be something that can be healed, Peggys61. Keep in touch and let us know. That is how we learn.