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Re: Mri analysis

Originally Posted by WebDozer View Post
Jeez... what a *****. Sorry to hear that.

Lots of people have compensated for injuries by assiduous exercise programs, and no doubt you will too. As one who's suffered permanent nerve damage, I can tell you that it's difficult. You'd think you could just strengthen what's still working to make up for your losses, but it won't quite work that way.

Still, in a few years, you'll be in better shape and your friends will be in worse shape, so you'll be back at least to par...
Thanks for your reply. It was a big kick in the &#@^ but, as you say, not the end yet.
Just got back from the gym and they, along with my physio, are going to make me kick a%@e to really push it now. It will be hard but there's nothing to lose. I reckon that I will win this battle (-: . With ones like you giving encouragment why shouldn't we win.
So to summarise what is going to happen:
The MRI is to be further up above where it has been and looking for a bone spur that maybe causing a delay in recovery. It makes sense as anything below that point would be affected.
If that can be fixed, then the rest should improve.

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