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I'm 29 and I am having trouble with ED

I am 29 years old, been with my wife for 4 years now. As far as I can remember I have always had some form of ED. If I am not super excited for the sex, I will go limp in a matter of minutes. I don't need help getting aroused, I can get aroused whenever the wind picks up a little bit. But during sex, my wife tells me she can't really "feel" me anymore. If we change positions or whatever, that is just long enough for my penis to go soft. Shouldn't I stay aroused long enough to achieve orgasm? I would think only a couple minutes isn't long enough. I am pretty sure I have been this way ever since I became sexually active 10-11 years ago.

If I am with a new person, I would be fine because it's a rush, it's exciting, it's new. I would be rock-solid aroused for the whole thing. But after being with the same person for so long, the interest isn't there as much as it should. And while I love my wife and I want to have sex w/ her and please her, my penis seems to think otherwise. I am so determined to please her and reach the finish line myself, but lately it's been a failure more and more. I wish I could just force myself to stay hard, but something is happening. My poor wife doesn't even enjoy sex with me because she can only initially feel me enter her, and after a couple minutes she feels nothing - I pull out and it's only half-erect.

I thought about these "**** rings" which you put on once you're aroused, and it traps the blood and prevents you from losing the erection, but some people say they're dangerous. I'd be willing to try but my wife is creeped out by the idea of it. I really don't want to take Viagra because of the stigma that is attached to it being for older men and I am still in my 20's. Plus I am very anti-medication. I have never taken meds for anything and I personally believe putting chemicals in your body has to be very dangerous long term. I would like to stay all natural if I could.

I am just depressed because at my age I should be having no trouble maintaining an erection at all and my wife thinks something is wrong with me. I might be low on testosterone. I can't grow a full beard like most men, I will never be able to grow a goatee, I get maybe half the facial hair other men do.

What suggestions do people have for me? I don't want to lose my wife already, this shouldn't happen to me until I am in my 50's or older. I am really torn up about all of this.

edit: I am 6'5 220 lbs. Not really overweight, don't do any drugs or smoke, seldom drink. Not on any type of meds. Exercise regularly (I unload semi trucks all day for work).

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