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Re: after treatment for neck and throat cancer what side effects will I have

Hi, my husband was diagnosed with Stage III throat cancer with lymph node involvement, 2 large left, 1 small right.... in April, he had 35 rads/2 chemos..he couldn't take the 3rd his counts were too low.... he was alway somewhat able to eat, strangely... but did lose 25 lbs, from 155 to 130ish...he had the rash, gave us some cream, but that seemed to make it worse, so they suggested a salt solution with a warm cloth that seemed to work pretty well, it dired it up over time.... other issues were pain in the jaw really bad, some nausea, and sore throat... he had no strength, slept for the first two months of treatments, then finally got through it and began to recover. We got a Vitamix, and that worked a bit, but he really didn't like the smoothies too much, so we settled on Carnation Instant Breakfast, with a scoop of protein powder, and into the Vitamix, at least once a day along with his other meals. He still can't eat anything that is his weight isn't really coming back too well, the docs did say they didn't expect him to gain much weight for the first 3 months after treatment, and he had gained 7, now losing three since his throat is not feeling as good as before...his Pet Scan is scheduled for Oct 10, so we're hoping for good news...
...the side effects that are hard.... one, saliva, it seems to be thick, if there is any, collects in his throat, and a week ago he got a yeast infection in his throat, so was on antibiotics for a week, so we'll see how that goes, if it gets no saliva, or very, very little, and it seems to get drier and drier..that's a concern as it affects eating and hence, loses weights... he's tried Biotene, and it's OK, but doesn't work that well... then there is the lack of enegy... that's tough but getting better.... and that fluid pouch under his neck... was huge... checked with the doc...he said that the fluid is from the body and since the lymph nodes have been radiated, the fluids don't know where to go, so you have to massage it away now... because once the collagen forms in the area it will trap the fluid and it will never go the massage, and it's working! is to take you finger, lay it flat on your neck, and move it from the chin down to your sternum, all the way around... so it's like stoking with neck with the flat of your finger, or hand, as if you're squeezing the water down.... he starts on the left and goes around to the right and begins he's been doing that for about three weeks, and it's almost gone. He must do it 4-5 times a day, but it's working!
We're concerned for the saliva, we hope it he can gain weight. He's back at work half days or so... he's still very tired a lot of the time... he has gone back to the gym, doing some workouts but not we're hopeful that things will eventually get back to normal.
I make a lot of things with gravies, it's hard to eat meat so I concentrate on mostly vegetables.... except for chicken marsala, on cappallini... it's got mushrooms, lots of butter, and it's slippery and really easy to get try that if you want, it's delicious!
Thank you everyone for your info, I wish everyone well, and I hope these cancers will all just go away someday!

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