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Red face Re: Does this sound like lymphedema?

The swelling around the ankle could be lymphedema. I have lymphedema and have that around both ankles. The big toe could be gout if your uric acid level is high (eating too much red meat. Foods high in purines too). I occasionally have pain on the top of one foot or the other and the swelling doesn't go away much anymore. I use compression hosiery and compression anklets. All, measured and special ordered at the lymphedema clinic. About the top of my feet, once in a while I get sharp shooting pains from the neuropathy in my legs.

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(Right knee in pain right now. Also, pain just above back of elbow on the left. I think it,s a swollen lymph node or fibrous tissue thickening there.)

Lipolymphedema (Double whammy)

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