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Fibromyalgia and more -- is this it for the rest of my life

OKAY!? I have been taking tylenol with codiene for over 25 years!! I KNOW, it is so wrong but true. I don't remember when I started, I have been in chronic pain since I was a teen and no one ever listened, including doctors. I had my first child at 18 and back then I don't know what my "quack" doctor was thinking, gave me demerol after my birth, then from there I myself started taking tylenol #1's O.T.C. --- and have been ever since I can take up to 40 a day or more (basically I go through 200 in 5 days or so)

I have finally been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - I had cracked a rib about 4 months ago (doctor did a complete physical and said that I definitely had fibromyalgia) and the doctor gave me an RX for percocet (I have taken several narcotic pain meds RX and OTC on and off for years for mild to moderate pain) -- now my problem is that the doctor gave me percocet 4 times a day & tylenol 3's 1-2 tablets up to 4 times a day -- it is working wonders for all my pain, without taking my normal 40 Tylenol 1's a day!!! GREAT?! Wrong, now doctor wants to take me off the RX meds, well I told the doctor and my spouse, then I guess I go back to my normal amount (for me) and just say good bye to my liver. I have never had my liver tested if that is even possible?!!

I also take medication for my:
Panic disorder

NOW I need some in-put, not that my doctor will listen but I will. I function every day life, had 3 beautiful, healthy children. I know today that I take the narcotics now just to function, as well as my wide spread body pain. Although I think being under doctors care with Rx's than it is to medicate myself?? Yes/No - after all these years I need the pain meds, and as I said very happy with the resent RX for 4 months, I feel pain free everyday, now the doctor wants to change it because it is addicting, well no kidding!!! I have struggled with for years, find a happy medium and you want me to go back to my own medicated self? Makes no sense to me -- I am sure all you out there in message board land will have a LOT to say!

First time message board - long time addiction.
Sorry for babbling, feels good to say it all though!
Fibromyalgia- Panic Disorder- Bi-polar- "narcotic dependency"- Migraine's- Sciatica nerve- ADHD- TMJ

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