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Re: A little concerned


Right now, the thing you need most is information. While a PSA of 14 is high, and you also show a rise in a short period, there are a lot of other pieces of info that need to be assembled in order to make an accurate assessment of your situation and determine the best course of action.

Certainly, one of the things that is way up on your "want to know" list is if you have cancer. You said the corpsman used the words "alarmingly high" and that can easily stoke fear. Obviously, you want to be concerned and exercise prudence in gathering facts but don't let a PSA reading on its own send your imagination running wild. You may or may not have prostate cancer.

For what it's worth, prostate cancer can be very asymptomatic and you may not feel a thing. I had no symptoms at all and it was just an upward trajectory of a fairly low PSA (from 2.1 to 3.6) that prompted me to see a specialist for evaluation.

As Allen mentioned, the urologist may want to prescribe some meds to see if it's an infection that may be affecting your PSA but that will be up to the doc. Your uro will get all your history, look at prior testing, do a DRE and then make some initial observations.

It is possible that the urologist may want to schedule you for a biopsy. If that is the case, then you'll go in for a procedure where they will place an ultrasonic probe in your rear and shoot about 12 needles through your rectal wall into the prostate to draw out tissue that will be tested for the presence of cancer and grading if, indeed, the tests are positive. I am sure you can easily read up on that procedure.

Your visit on Wednesday will be of tremendous help to you in getting started. Being in the military, I don't know if you have to stay within the military medical system or not. Here in the DFW area, we have some outstanding doctors and hospitals for urology and prostate cancer treatment should you need it. My prostate cancer was treated at UT Southwestern in Dallas. USMD in Arlington is also top shelf. There are other places throughout the Metroplex that can be of help to you, too. It's pretty easy to find a second opinion around town!

Keep your spirits up. Even if prostate cancer does factor into your equation at a younger age than usual, very effective treatment options are available.

Keep folks up to date on your progress.


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