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Re: Does exercise work to help Scoliosis?

Originally Posted by Amarylis View Post
Has anyone had any experience with exercise(s) for Scoliosis? There are several methods on the web. They are Schroth, CLEAR, Seas, Yoga for Scoliosis and I suspect there are others.

Have they worked for you? If they worked; did they reduce pain only or did your curve become smaller? What sort of program did you learn them in and how much time did it take?

It would also be helpful if you could let us know your age group. I am a mature adult with a long standing serious lumbar back injury who is now developing Scoliosis and pain.

I have had scoliosis all my life, wore a back brace in my early teens, curvature continued. I did go through PT for a while using an exercise ball, I never felt so good in my life until I had a fender bender. Although very slight, it was the end of my relief for my back. The swelling etc. stopped the exercise. I then had to have a Harrington Rod placed in my back. It should have been done years ago as I was told. My upper back was already fused from arthritis, so they fused the lower back to stop the twisting. Anyway, the exercise really helped, but nothing ever totally took away the pain. The surgery had to be done, or the twisting would eventually puncture my heart and lungs. I can sit longer now without my whole right swelling up.
Sorry about the long answer, but exercise helps.

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