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Question Possibly pregnant?

So my husband and I are sort of ttc...we both are ready for a child when god brings one into our life but are not stressing over it, to sum it up briefly we are not using protection. Well during ovulation we were very active and he ejaculated inside of me multiple times. About a week after i have just been feeling funny, a lot of what would usually feel like menstrual symptoms but my breasts have been fairly sore around the nipple area and this is quite strange for me, i took an early pregnancy test 9 dpo and it came up negative and i took another one the day i expected my period and that came up negative as well. It has been 3 days since my expected period and for thr last 2 years i have been a faithful "on time" starter. I don't feel as though i'm stressed or anyhing, i guess i just want to know what i should do? Is there a possibility hat i am pregnant? Could it be stress that I am just unaware of? Could having a lot of inter ourse cause me to be late? We've been actively having intercourse for the past 6 months, only 2 of which have been unprotected. Is pregnancy still a possibility? I've had no active signs of implantation, no real painful cramps, no brown-ish pink-ish discharge. Any advice would be much appreciated?!

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