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Re: AZOOR? Any experience?

Hi there. I am a 47 year old male and I was diagnosed with azoor in my left eye in 2000. My symptoms are almost identical to yours but not as severe, I get floaters and flashes, and they are worse when I am tired or stressed. Fortunately, my blind spot is off to the side so it is not too much of an impairment.
The initial symptoms were a little different; I noticed a shimmering effect in my peripheral vision, much like the pattern sunlight will make on a wall when it reflects of the surface of a pool. After three weeks this had become a black spot with orange flashes. Steroid injections in the eye did not have much of an effect and the blind spot is permanent.
Since the initial appearance of the problem the size of the affected area has not increased, so I am lucky that way. I have a visual field test done once a year and a thorough check by a specialist who is excellent.
I am always curious about what caused this to happen; I did not have high blood pressure but I had started medication for high cholesterol several years earlier.
Hang in there, stem cell research etc. may find a treatment. Hopefully symptoms do not get worse. The irony for me is that I had very successful PRK surgery done in the early 90s and my visual acuity was great.
Glad to find info from other people on this issue, wish nobody had to suffer it though.