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Re: Brain Fog and Memory problems

Originally Posted by tanasmom View Post
Today was a very hard day. I had such a lapse in memory that it not only embarrassed me, it scared me. A girl I know was pregnant and just had a baby a couple weeks ago. I saw her at a baby shower today and I asked her when her baby was due...even though I had seen and commented on all her baby's pictures on ******** recently. Once she told me that she had already had the baby, my memory rushed back to me and I was sooooo embarrassed. I seriously had completely forgotten. I went back to the bathroom and cried. It scares me to be so confused and forgetful. I get confused over what I have actually done and what I only thought about doing. I can't do math. I can't remember my shopping lists. I can't find the right words when talking with people and nothing ever comes out like I want it to. I stumble over words when reading stories to the kids. I can't even remember what I did yesterday sometimes. I guess they call it Brain Fog but it really scares me. And it makes me feel really stupid and out of control. My mind was so quick before but now I feel like I am sludging through a thick mud in my mind. Do any of you have this problem? If so, what did you do about it? Thanks
tanasmom...i know exactly what you're going through and it can be very scary as we tend to think of dimentia right away. not sure how old you are, but i'm 56 and have had some pretty bad bouts of brain fog. sometimes it totally flusters me and other times, i try to laugh at it. i worked as a cashier at a grocery store for almost a year...and do you think i could still remember all of the i find that trying not to take it so seriously, does help. it's brain fog....happens in menopause, fibro and other disorders too. sometimes i end up with a migraine too and my doc said that it could be a migraine that is causing it. migraines don't have to be painful. sometimes they can just scramble things up in the brain. the feeling is spaced out, can't hold any one thought, feelings of unreality and sometimes even feeling bogged up in the head, sinuses or whatever it is that causes the fogginess feeling. i remember this one time that i was on the highway and drove into this severe blanket fog...really scary, but the funny thing was that, that feeling i was having was exactly how i feel when i have the brain fog. really eerie. just thank god that we don't have this feeling consistently and like i said before....don't look at it as scary...just try to laugh at it. call it a brain fart or whatever when it happens around people. if you feel it's way too uncomfortable, a nice solution is to run a bubble bath and go soak it away. sometimes relaxation is the best when you find it intolerable. hope this helps and know that you're not the only one that suffers with this. hang in there. you can do it!

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