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Very High Urine Post Void Residual Why? What to do?

I have a very high level of PVR after urination which has been increasing from about 200mL to over 500mL over the past 3-4 years as tested by ultrasounds.

- Have you had a similar condition and how you have been treated?
- What is the mostly likely cause of such a high PVR?
- How to distinguish a high PVR caused by an obstructive BPH from a bladder dysfunction eventually neurological in nature? Have you or your doctor ever considered this?

Here in short my history:

I am 57, fit, eating well and moderately active. Regularly testing, consulting doctors and urologists in particular. Regularly tracking PSA, free PSA, DRE since at least 8 years.

I was put on tamsulosin 0.4mg/d and now doubling the dose, due to re-test PVR in a couple of months. Yet, my bladder does not empty well! The urologist might envisage TURP or equivalent. I am also considering finasteride to shrink the prostate.

I recently reintroduced soy in my diet, also supplementing with prostate health support nutrients (saw palmetto, stinging needle, pigeum, I3C, lycopene. beta sitosterol, zinc, selenium and others), successfully reduced general inflammation (CRP=0.1) but all of this seems useless to reduce PVR.

I can also report:

- a kidney stone event 25+ years ago which triggered a high fluid intake, largely water, and do recollect cases of high urgency and high difficulty to retain
- other mild symptoms of BPH (next to the high PVR)
- a very high BUN/creatinine ratio in the urine (spot) and moderately high in the blood.

Thank you for your advice!

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