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Re: just want to hear a happy ending :(

Hi. I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2000. I'd never heard of the disease. As many times as I went to a GYN or even my regular doctor for the craziness of my periods, NOBODY DIAGNOSED IT until then. My doctor listed all the symptoms of PCOS, hirsutism (the hair thing), amenorrhea (the bleeding/not bleeding thing) depression, acne, weight. I was shocked that no other doctor had put it together before. I started on the birth control pill, which was great because it forced periods. But when we wanted to have a baby, I was anxious. I was overweight, still not ovulating. My doctor insisted we could do it. I took glucophage (or metformin) for a long time hoping that things would normalize. The periods did get normal, I DID lose some weight, but a year or two went by, Nothing. In 2004, we decided to stop trying to conceive without help. My doctor decided to start me on a course of Clomid, a fertility drug. I conceived in the first 90 days of taking it. I still had problems with the pregnancy, incompetent cervix (which I don't believe is related to pCOS, but am curious to see if anyone else with the disease has suffered the same) which caused preterm labor. I had forced bedrest. After not being allowed to exercise for a month, developed gestational diabetes, and my son was born at 28 weeks, that's 12 weeks too soon. We knew he would be early so the doctors had given me steroid injections to help his lungs develop more rapidly. He is a miracle. There's more to his story, but I'm giving you mine. I have a son. He is everything. We want to have another child, and we're going to try again. I am older, it will be harder, but I have HOPE. So should you.