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Is this an autoimmunde disorder?? Please help!!

Has anyone on here with an autoimmune disorder had these symptoms? I have been feeling so bad for the past year. I have no health insurance so I have to go through a state funded hospital program and they seem to not want to help. It all started with a sore throat and joint pain and a rash. Had blood drawn and everything was normal except for one liver enzyme test and they said it wasn't anything to worry about. After that I started having pains in my gallbladder or liver and the dr's said it was where my gallbladder is where it is hurting. I got tested for hepatitis and it was negative ( don't shoot up or do anything, used to be a heavy drinker) and my liver enzymes are all normal. My skin is so dry and now I have a b12 deficiency. I have horizontal ridges in my fingernails and it just looks awful. I'm tired most of the time and my knees hurt. I have had a cbc count so many times since all of this and it has been all normal and the dr's think I am a hypocondriac and depressed and just send me on my way and don't care. I keep a yeast infection all the time, I get chills on and off and my hair is so brittle and falls out. I have numerous symptoms and everything is normal. I had an ultrasound on my gallbladder and liver and spleen and it was normal. I don't know what else to do and I have been to four different doctors. Please help!! I asked the last doctor and he looked at me like an idiot when I mentioned autoimmune disorder. I am so frustrated!!!

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