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Re: Thyroid problem?

Well i went to the doctors today and asked for the blood tests. I was then told that they wouldn't do a Free T3 as "they only do that when your outside the range" and they wouldn't do a free T4 as i have had it been done a few times before and i was "well inside the range" but tomorrow i will have a blood test for the antibodies and TFT. I also got some of my past results back.

>Free T4 range 12-23 may 07: 12 September 07: 14
>Thyroid stimulating hormone range 0.35-5.50 may 07: 2.05 September 07: 1.02

>CRP range < 7.7 September 07: 1.4

was told i had been tested twice in 2011 but i didn't receive these results.

I have been told if these comeback normal and my symptoms gets worse the doctor would rather focus on my "anxiety issues".