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Unfortunately, I am not convinced that they HAVE a medication that works. That's why the doctors get so "not nice" after you see them for a while.

I have been working with my thirteen year old daughter to help manage her primary juvenile fibromyalgia. After trying all the medicines, we finally fired the doctor, and found out that we have lower stress levels without having to deal with doctors. We have resorted to a focus on diet, exercise and reducing our commitments. She is attending a "virtual school" now. Mostly, we use accupuncture when she flares up. There are studies showing that it is effective. We also use herbal remedies for various symptoms.

I am sorry -- but the doctors don't always have medicine for everything. The side effects of some of the fibro medicines are terrible. Lyrica was absolutely horrible -- no pain relief and horrible mood effects. Elavil makes you gain weight like crazy. We ended up deciding that the medicines weren't going to control the symptoms, so there was no reason to subject her to the side effects.