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Re: Is this an autoimmunde disorder?? Please help!!

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
I don't blame you because an autoimmune disorder may be the culprit. I would ask for a sed rate, CRP, ANA (for lupus) and RF (for rheumatoid arthritis) and urinalysis (for sings of lupus) for starters. Also a thyroid panel with TSH, free T4&3, and thyroid antibodies. That should yield some clues to follow. If you research lupus and autoimmune hypothyroidism, you'll see some matching symptoms to yours. Recurrent mono (EBV) could be a possibility too and can be checked if the first batch yields no answers.
They tested my thyroid a couple times already and it was normal. Does it have to be a more extensive thyroid test and not the basic one they do for a cbc? My urine was all normal also except for a trace of ketones which the dr said was my body is in starvation mode. I don't understand that either because I eat all the time and I forgot to mention that also, I have lost so much weight for no reason, haven't changed my diet or anything!! I do feel like I have mono with my throat, I've had it before 10 years ago and I got tested for that too and it was negative which was weird because I thought that test would always be positive. I will research lupus and autoimmune hypothyroidism and see what it says. Doesn't autoimmune disorders have to run in your family? It doesn't that I know of in mine, only thing is my mother has vitaligo and I think that is an autoimmune disorder. Thank you for your reply