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Re: tingling and strange sensations in my face so worried

Hi all,

I've had tingling on my face for almost a year now. It started with feeling as a feather was touching my forehead and cheeks and has advanced to all day feeling if the hairs are standing up. I have seen a GP, and had an MRI, waiting for nuero but I'm sure there not going to find anything, which some would consider a good thing. I try not to pay attention but its hard since its the same feeling everyday. Through out this year I have researched the heck out of it and saw that many people who had somekind of the same feelings were low on Vitamin B. But it really could be anything, I do have hypothyroidism so that could be something but since its not something any doctor can see they really don't seem to take it as serious as I expect them to. One told me anxiety, Ha! Well good luck to all.