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come&go bad shoulder/arm pain

1-1/2 years ago, I had a breast exam biopsy (I'm getting another check tomorrow - since then I've regularly had them every 6mos). I have to hold my arm straight up and bend at the elbow over my head so the needles go in easily.

Right after that 1st biopsy, I had to hold my arm almost as in a sling position to keep my breast from sagging too much and ice packs on the needle area. I swear since that time, I have had trouble with my shoulders - both.

It started with the left side that the biopsy was on. But I've switched off too ever since.

It's as if something is wrong in the deltoid area, sometimes I feel pain at the very top of the shoulder joint, sometimes almost at my biceps. It can be anywhere around the deltoid - front, back, midway. When it's bad, I can't lift my arm up a certain way - or sometimes, I can't move it backward without extreme pain.

I'm going to a rheumatologist next week, as my GP said I need to see 1 since I am ANA positive. I'm wondering if this is part of that issue, or just plain some freak muscle thing by itself.

I worry about rotator cuff, or just that I'm always stuck with this problem.

I started working out, hoping maybe I just don't do enough and have weak shoulders (I'm housewife with 1 4yo, and haven't had much to do except lifting him up sometimes!). But it's been almost 5 mos, and I still get pain.

Does any of it sound familiar?

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