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Red face Unexplained Right Flank pain!

18 months ago I underwent a cystscopy in my rt ureter. No stone, no blockage no nothing. Stent was placed in ureter and left for 3 days. When stent was removed I developed rt flank pain that has not gone away! Neg for any infection or stones. I have had Ct urogram, MRI, Ultasounds and peed in many cups for tests! All of my doctors are scratching their heads. The pain goes away when I am standing or lying but sitting in a chair, pressing my back against the back of the chair brings on a dull ache. A car seat is the worst! Pain also can be in front only, on the side only or in the back only or any combo, depending on what I am doing. I am going for an EMG and Head MRI next week. Any thoughts on what might be going on?

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