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Re: Pleaseeee help. im at the end of my rope :(

Originally Posted by Worrybucket View Post
thanks for your reply.

I had a test result back which was to find out if i am celiac, it was fine. Im insisting on having the hydrogen breath test for lactose intolerance done now. Today i feel horrible. I have a headache, im lathargic my tummy feels queasy, and im back on strict lactose free foods again.

I now have to wait for this test as going by symptoms on internet i really could be lactose intolerant. this could be after two bouts of camplyobacter in 2 years which i think had wrecked my gut flors and gut generally.

I have to find out soon as i feel really ill and tired with tis, whatever it is.
Maybe you have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Maybe do some research about it and see if your GI doctor can do a hydrogen breath test for bacterial overgrowth - I believe it is a separate test from the one to test for lactose intolerance. Antibiotic therapy and dietary changes are a must to keep it under control. MaryAnn