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daughters need advice!!

My beautiful mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last May, (2011) she was fortunate that she had some of the signs and symptoms (stomach cramps and mostly pain in her back). About a week later, she finally went to her internist who sent her right to the hospital because he didn't like how her eyes looked and she was becoming jaundice. They did some tests and within a few days we knew what was going on. Luckily, my mom was a candidate for the "whipple" surgery. It was a nightmare for my sisters and i as we waited over 7.5 hrs for the surgery to be completed. The surgeon said she did really well but will need lots of rest. After 7 weeks in the hospital, mom went to rehab to help her get stronger. We knew that PC is the worse cancer to get but my mom was strong and a fighter. She started her chemo and radiation in August of 2011 and February 2012 she was cancer free.. needless to say my family was thrilled but this past May my mom had some tests done again and the cancer was back. This time it is really taking a toll on her. She has chemo but she is so weak, tired, has no appetite and her coloring is not good. She doesn't do anything because she is so weak and we believe depressed as well. I just went to the oncologist with her and I spoke to the dr in private..i wanted and needed to know the truth..what is really going on and what can we expect. The dr was honest with me, told me that the chemo is not agreeing with my mom, that it doesn't seem to be working. Sadly, I agree with her and I had to know....what is the plan now???? The dr sent her for a MRI and we just got the is not good, there is fluid around the pancreas and now she has bloating in the stomach from the fluid. The dr will stop chemo and believe she has less than 3 months. my 2 sisters..I am scared, nervous for us but more scared for her. What will she experience?? How do we know she is at the end??? She is hardly eating and sleeps all the time...The most important thing is that I don't want her to be in any pain or suffer..Someone please respond. I want to be prepared because I know she is very ill.. I love my mom so much and of course i am crying as i am writing this, i cry when i leave her and I have been saving every voice mail from her...don't know if it will be the last time I hear her voice....

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