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re: need support

For me, it really hit me when I was watching Netflix.

I was watching a classic, Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip. The part when he talked about his demons. I was like....that's god, I am doing the same thing, only with the pills . I am in love with these pills. My day revolved around the pill. It was like I was looking forward to it like Christmas eve, everyday. The time of day I took them, how I took them, etc.

I don't want to get to deep, but I lost a childhood friend to an opiate OD. Left a wife and two beautiful kids. And knowing this, I should have known better. But I visited his grave and I had a heart to heart. It was my time to quit. I guess it was my bottom. I won't get into the details of how bad, but it was bad, and I am not proud of it. I am thankful to be here talking to you guys. And I feel for each and every one here and the countless unknowns.

I tried to do a CT in the past, and I could not do it. So, I started a slow taper, with a loved one and my Dr. involved. It was not easy, but I got through it. A lot better than CT, imho. I am down to a half a pill. and will be clean this week. I feel like my old self again. Just without the hazy shade of winter.

One of the things I did is I filled the time that I used to revolve around the pill with different things to do, I was really diligent, and my loved one helped me.
Meetings, got out of the house, I started playing guitar again. model train building, all the hobbies I gave up to for the pill. My friends are really glad to see me. I had a lot of explaining to do as to why I blew them off, but it feels good to be around my friends again. They missed me, and I missed them.

You can do this!!!!

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