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Re: Headache, muscle twitches, double vision

Hey Patrick, I think I understand what you are talking about. I have been through a set of significant neurologic symptoms that were caused by my jaw (TMJD). Of course you may not have it, but consider looking it up just in case. I also had low potassium, and had to take supplements. Not sure if those two were connected though.
Clear CT scan and MRI are very good. It means you don't have to worry about brain tumors, skull tumors, intracranial hypertension and things like that. I also had those done and were clear. I wa salso sent to a psychiatrist that was nothing but wasted time and money.
I recommend you think more in detail about how all these started. Was there anything in particular before those events, such as dental work? Car crash, other trauma? Any new medication? Anything that could have been a trigger. If you can figure out the etiology, you may be able to understand how to deal with it.